The Alexin Story

  • After several months of planning the company was officially launched on 18 July 2013 at the inaugural shareholders meeting, and the members tasked the current board with laying the firm foundations required to make the company a success.

  • East Staffordshire and South East Staffordshire approached Alexin to join in late 2013, with this taking effect from July 2014.

  • In 2015, after two years of trading, a working group undertook a review of the structures and positioning of Alexin Healthcare. The aim was to reflect the changes both internally as the company looked to stabilise and externally as the Primary Care landscape changed under political influence. From this the function and membership of the board was redefined to strengthen the position of the company. When established it had been advised that a Limited Company status was important to establish some lines of commissioning, by 2015 it was a clear a Community Interest Company status better reflected the position Alexin Healthcare held and work was undertaken to change the status.

  • The board is comprised of Directors and Non-Executive Directors with substantives roles as GPs, Practice Managers, NHS Managers and business specialists.  They have a wide range of experience and represent both the urban and rural perspective on healthcare provision.

  • They are supported by an Operations Team with dedicated roles in the development and delivery of Alexin Healthcare services and the management of the company.