Historic Programmes

Staffordshire Health Checks Programme


The NHS Health Checks programme is a systematic risk assessment and risk management programme for everyone between the ages of 40 and 74 with no underlying medical condition(s).

It identifies an individual’s level of risk of developing Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and provides tailored advice on how that person can reduce that risk, through lifestyle changes and /or medication, and support them to achieve change.

People are recalled for a NHS Health Check every five years so long as they remain eligible.


In 2015 Staffordshire County Council appointed Alexin Healthcare CIC as lead contractor for the delivery of the programme in Staffordshire, covering delivery for the whole of the county, extending past the boundaries of Alexin membership.

Alexin Healthcare sought to increase overall programme delivery and increase uptake within ‘at risk’ groups.

We worked hard with all GP practices to improve of the quantity and consistency of NHS Health checks delivered. Ensuring everyone who receives an NHS Health check is offered a brief intervention to support health improvement where necessary.


Working with our local authority partners Alexin Healthcare provides a key element of the NHS disease prevention agenda. In areas of deprivation:

Reduction in smokers

A higher percentage of the population within the healthy weight bracket

Reduction of patients classed as obese or morbidly obese.

Alexin Healthcare has developed an innovative model to deliver the Healthcheck programme and increase overall programme delivery and delivery within ‘at risk’ groups. We would be very happy to talk to any other local authority area seeking a lead contractor solution.

Co-Location Service at Royal Derby Hospital


Project commenced - November 2013

Project concluded - March 2016


The Emergency Department (ED) at Royal Derby Hospital (RDH) experiences particular pressures at weekends from patients who could have been seen in primary care.

The introduction of this service was aimed to help reduce some of those pressures in order to support ED.

Overall, Alexin Healthcare CIC was contracted to support this service from 2013 to 2016 through various different contractual models:


Derbyshire Health United (DHU) was commissioned by the CCG to deliver the service at RDH from November 2013 to April 2014. DHU contracted Alexin to provide GP cover for the service.


Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group directly commissioned RDH to deliver the service from October 2014 to March 2015 and October 2015 to March 2016, with RDH contracting Alexin to provide GP cover for the service.

Service delivery was;

Saturdays 10:00 – 00:00

Sundays 10:00 – 00:00

Mondays 18:00 – 00:00

Bank holidays 10:00 – 00:00


Patients were triaged on arrival by an Advanced Nurse Practitioner to ensure suitability to attend the service. The service consisted of 2 GPs per shift with an HCA / receptionist to support and was based in the medical specialties out-patient’s department. The service was extended to include patients from Children’s ED where appropriate.

The service was a great success supporting ED in reducing patient numbers and allowing them a less pressured department able to focus to be on those patients who required emergency treatment.

The feedback from RDH was always being unanimously positive and that was thanks to the fantastic group of GPs we had working for the service.

From late 2016, RDH decided to commission a wider scope model via DHU on similar lines to the service DHU were already providing at Chesterfield Hospital.

Carer’s Clinics

Three in every 5 people in the UK are destined to become a carer at some point in their lives. Although the role of a carer can be greatly rewarding and deeply fulfilling, it can also leave carers mentally and physically exhausted, increasing their risk of both mental and physical health problems compared to non-caregivers.

It’s estimated that carers save the UK economy £87 billion a year in potential costs. There is increasing recognition across the healthcare economy of the vital role this group of people play in our society.

In a response to this Alexin Healthcare CIC developed a pilot carer’s clinic service with the help and support of Derbyshire Carers Association. The core objectives being to set up and run carer's clinics throughout all southern Derbyshire GP Practices with the aim of:

Supporting carer’s to care effectively and safely

Supporting carer’s to look after their own health and well-being

Supporting carer’s to fulfil their education and employment potential

Supporting carer's to have a life of their own alongside caring responsibilities


The Carers Clinics are run monthly at each participating GP Practice by the local Carer Support Worker. The Carer Support Worker will see carers at a face-to-face appointment, on the telephone or even arrange a home visit if they struggle to leave the person they care for. They will see anyone who feels they would like an appointment, not just those patients who are registered at a particular practice.


Areas where Carer Support Workers can offer support include:

1-1 support

Carer Assessments

Personal Budgets

Emergency Planning

Funding opportunities

Information and Advice

Accessing Blue Badges

Local carer support groups

Help accessing respite care services

Help for the person being cared for

Signposting to health specific organisations

Telephone support

Training and Events


Benefits for the GP Practice include:

Clinicians are able to sign-post carers to a named Care Support Worker within the practice.

No ‘referral’ is required for the clinic, the individual simply books in at reception.

Clinicians feel they have something to offer the carers they identify.

Patients gain easy access to DCA services which are local to them.

Better team working between primary care, care-coordinators and the charity sector to improve services to patients.

Carer support service which ignores practice boundaries by allowing any carer to access the service, regardless of their registered practice.

Better emergency planning for the carer in case of their own ill health which may help reduce unplanned admissions for the cared for.

Better support of carers allowing for better mental and physical health outcomes.

Opportunity for GP practices to collaborate and share resources.


Resultant from the pilot programme Alexin are pleased to confirm that carer’s clinics now form part of the Carer Information, Advice, Assessment and Support Service contract. This contract has been awarded to Derbyshire Carers Association following the joint procurement process led by Derbyshire County Council in conjunction with the Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Groups.


Should our Southern Derbyshire member practices wish to take advantage of this service they need to contact Derbyshire Carers Association.

Donations To Charity

Alexin Healthcare registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in January 2016. As a CIC we are required to donate a minimum of 65% of any surplus income to organisations which benefit the community and in particular NHS patients.

Following consultation with shareholders and the passing of a shareholder resolution we were able to make donations of £5,000 in 2019 to Community Together CIC and Mind.

Community Together are a Tamworth based organisation who provide a gateway to services and information at the time it is needed, as well as operating a number of support groups catering for all ages.

Mind is the national charity which supports people with mental health problems. Our donation was made to assist the work of the Burton upon Trent District group.